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Freeze-ahead meals for caregivers

I've  mentioned a couple of times that I really started cooking Dinner Done Yesterday style due to the stresses, energy drain and time crunch that comes with being a caregiver, whether for a baby or an adult.  Perhaps instead of unrolling my recipes one at at time, I should just post a list of things I made ahead and froze in preparation for the birth of my second son (plus others I've added to my repertoire since then). 

If you're preparing for a baby or have an aging parent moving in with you or need to take a casserole to someone who needs someone else to cook dinner for them, here are some ideas.  I'll periodically link back to this list and add to it as I post more detailed recipes.  Enjoy!


    • West Indies Banana Ginger cookies

      • Ethiopian Spiced Burgers
      • Stuffed Steak
      Vegetarian/Meatless Main Dish
      • South Beach Egg Cups
      Side dishes/Vegetables
      • Multigrain pilaf
      • Maple Ginger Sweet Potatoes
      • Broccoli en croute

      ·         Stirfry sauce (Kung Pao)

      ·         Pizza

      ·         Sandwich fixings

      ·         Shortbread

      ·         Dinner rolls
      ·         Honey Sage Raisin Butter

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