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Monday, June 18, 2012

Blue cheese bites

This recipe is from my mom's 1970-something edition of the Better Homes & Gardens cookbook.  Prepped it ahead in the afternoon to throw in the oven at dinnertime to jazz up a pretty plain meal of broiled ham and steamed broccoli.  If you want, you could make your own biscuits instead of buying "whomp" biscuits (so called cuz you whomp 'em against the counter to open the package).  Double the half-recipe here for an equivalent amount of biscuits for the following recipe.

The end result is a pseudo-fried biscuit with a blue cheese zing.  The bottoms get golden and crunchy from the butter, and the creamy tang of the cheese pops up here and there without taking over the dish. 

Probably you could freeze the prepped dish, well-wrapped, but it's so fast to put together that I doubt you'll need to bother. 

Just don't freeze sealed cans of whomp biscuits, okay?  BANG.  'Nuff said.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fez-Style Baked Fish

It's summer, which means on any given day, we're likely to be out playing right up until dinnertime.  So I try to get everything ready for dinner in the morning or the night before so that the most I have to do at dinnertime is stick a prepared casserole in the oven, dump a bunch of stuff into a skillet or even less if possible. 

This is a new twist (for me) on flavors for fish...I love the combination of tomatoes and olives, potatoes and saffron, garlic and cumin but I've never applied it to fish.  The original recipe calls for cilantro along with parsley, but I'm one of those people to whom cilantro tastes weird so I substituted garden mint (read: I can't remember what variety of mint it is anymore) for the cilantro.  I also didn't have cherry tomatoes on hand, so I used a 15 oz. can of cut-up, drained whole tomatoes instead. 

Here's what I did this morning...I mixed up the marinade for the fish (which is still thawing a leetle), parboiled the potatoes and put them in my baking dish, and sliced/assembled the rest of the veggies.  I put the fish in the marinade (even if it's not totally thawed) later in the afternoon before we went out.  When we got home, I put the 3 components together in the baking dish while the oven preheated and baked 30 minutes while wrestling the kiddos into a dinner-appropriate state of cleanliness.  If I had been prepping the night before because I'd be gone all day, I'd go ahead and marinate the fish starting in the morning but not overnight due to the acid content of the marinade.

Another make-ahead thought...if you have leftover boiled potatoes from another meal, use those in this dish!  A single layer of pre-cooked taters in a square baking dish will do you.

One more note...my husband liked this very well as a fish dish, but also thought it would rock as a chicken dish.  Just bake 30-40 minutes for chicken breasts, until they're cooked through.
Adapted from http://www.nytimes.com/2012/05/09/dining/baked-fish-fez-style-recipe.html

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