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Monday, August 27, 2012


To fill any Chef Boyardee cravings...this is an astoundingly authentic copycat recipe that was great both as a prep-ahead and freezer meal.  Here's the original recipe which makes lots of dishes dirty.  Here is my version which only needed one pot.

Ingredient note: I used the canned tomato sauce that you find near the diced tomatoes and tomato paste, not spaghetti sauce or marinara sauce. 

For prepping ahead, I pre-boiled the pasta in the morning and mixed in the sauce ingredients.  By the time I put it on the stove to reheat that evening, the pasta had totally absorbed the sauce and only needed a few minutes on medium-low to get warm throughout (rather than the 20 minutes of extra cooking given in the OR). 

I froze leftovers in individual serving sizes and reheated them for lunch.  I recommend reheating in the microwave rather than the stovetop, but if you do reheat on the stove, add a splash of water to the frozen lump of pasta and heat with a cover on the pot to help keep things from sticking to the bottom too badly. 
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