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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Bubble Solution

A non-edible, but I need to park this information somewhere before I forget it.

And lemme say, I hate bubbles.  I hate how the solution feels slimy.  I hate how store-bought solution smells.  I hate how drippy and messy bubbles are, and all the I-WANT-TO-DO-IT-MYSELF-DO-IT-FOR-ME lunacy from the kids. I hate it when the kids put the wands right on their mouths and get sudsy and then gag on the suds while I'm trying to clean them up.  Hate it, hate it, hate it.

The answer to all of the above is homemade bubble solution, self-serve bubble refills from a 2 gallon sun tea container and big round no-blow bubble wands from the dollar store.  Homemade solution is less drippy, less slimy, and smells better.  The kids got more "blows" out of each refill than they did out of the store-bought stuff, so it lasts longer too.  Less mouth-sudsing too when they do get their lips on it.  And of course, it's cheaper...about $2.50 for a homemade batch compared with $5 for the same amount of store-bought (which goes faster, as mentioned).

Empty spice jars work well for long skinny bubble wands

I used the store-brand generic for regular ol' blue Dawn liquid detergent.  Something cheaper that doesn't suds as well in the sink isn't going to make good bubbles either ya know?  And I like the smell of Dawn.

I had to hunt down glycerin (which I also use to make aftershave).  It's in the pharmacy section of one of our local grocery stores.  I found it on the first aid aisle, but another store said they would carry it in the digestive remedy aisle if they had any in that day (they did not).  Everybody offered to order it for me if I couldn't find anywhere with it in stock.  So...ask if you don't see it.

2 24 oz. bottles Dawn (you'll need the "ultra concentrated" type)
18 cups water (4 1/2 quarts)
3 tbsp glycerin

Stir everything together in a large drink dispenser.  Enjoy! Pin It

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